Rewilding Queer Spiritualities

The Vines Center, AR


Our Sacred Nature 2024
Spiritual Rewilding

Whether you seek quiet introspection or spirited connection, you are invited to save the date – November 7-10, 2024 –  for a weekend retreat held by and for LGBTQIA+ folx and our dearest allies at the Vines Center just outside of Little Rock, AR.

Nestled in the heart of nature, this retreat offers a sacred space for individuals to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, celebration, resistance, and accountability within the framework of ecological rewilding.

During the day we will immerse in forest bathing, gentle yoga, sound baths and labyrinth walks. In the evenings we will gather in the warmth of communal fireside conversations where your story is honored and your presence cherished.

Wherever you are on life’s journey, you are invited to experience the profound beauty of both the outer landscape and your innermost self.

Eco-Spiritual Immersion:

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of nature as you reconnect with the ecological principles that underpin rewilding. Guided nature walks, meditation sessions, and reflective exercises will encourage participants to draw inspiration from the natural world, fostering a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all living beings.

Celebrating Diversity:

Embrace the diversity of queer spiritualities in a safe and inclusive environment. Engage in workshops, storytelling circles, and artistic expressions that celebrate the unique tapestry of spiritual practices within the queer community. Through shared experiences, participants will celebrate the richness that comes from honoring and exploring the diversity of individual journeys.

Resistance Workshops:

Participate in thought-provoking workshops that delve into the ways queer spirituality can resist oppressive norms. Discussions, panels, and collaborative activities will empower participants to reclaim their spiritual identities, challenging societal norms and fostering a sense of empowerment in the face of adversity.

Connection Circles:

Create and participate in connection circles where individuals and communities can openly discuss the responsibilities and challenges within the realm of queer spirituality. Facilitated dialogues, group reflections, and collective goal-setting will encourage participants to actively contribute to the cultivation of supportive, accountable communities.

Rituals and Ceremonies:

Engage in spiritually enriching rituals and ceremonies that draw inspiration from both ecological rewilding and diverse queer spiritual practices. These rituals will serve as powerful tools for personal transformation, healing, and the collective strengthening of the community’s spiritual fabric.

Expert Facilitators:

Our retreat is led by experienced facilitators, including spiritual guides, nature therapy experts, LGBTQIA+ mental health professionals, and queer community leaders. They will provide guidance, support, and inspiration throughout the retreat, ensuring a nurturing and empowering experience for all participants.

Nourishment for the Body:

Indulge in wholesome, thoughtfully prepared meals that nourish the body and spirit. The retreat provides a space for mindful eating, fostering a connection between individuals and the sustenance provided by the Earth.

Join us on this extraordinary journey of rewilding queer spirituality, where the power of nature and the wisdom of diverse spiritual practices converge to create a space of celebration, resistance, and accountability. Embrace the opportunity to reconnect with your authentic self and forge meaningful connections within a community that celebrates the beauty of individual and collective transformation.

And wow - Flamy Grant, y'all!

That’s right, we are over the moon to announce that Award-winning and Billboard-charting artist Flamy Grant will be joining us for the 2024 retreat.

Flamy is a shame-slaying, hip-swaying, singing-songwriting drag queen from western North Carolina. Her 2022 debut record, Bible Belt Baby, reached the #1 spot on the iTunes Christian Charts (the first drag performer to achieve this feat) and was nominated for Best Pop Album at the San Diego Music Awards. She is a winner of the 2023 Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Competition and a 2023 QueerX Award nominee for Best Drag Artist and has been featured in Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, People, and more. Her music has nearly half a million streams on Spotify, Apple, and Amazon music. A powerhouse vocalist and intrepid songwriter who blends folk, gospel, and roots, Flamy drags you into a therapeutic, theatrical mix of storytelling and song.

Life Changing

“I was invited to come in a different capacity, where I was someone different with different priorities none of which being myself. However, life changed for me and I was quickly forced to make myself a priority.

This past few months I have felt and ache in my heart that I cannot shake. Some days are better than others and some days don’t feel like they could go quickly enough. This weekend taught me I am not alone in this, nor am I an imposter to the community I have been in for many many years, that perhaps these decades of being an ally and advocate for other queer people, I was silently being an ally and advocate for myself.

This weekend, was in a few words, life changing for me. I am full of gratitude and while I am still grieving, I am finding the pockets of peace and joy.” – MJ

The most peace that I have felt in a long time

“I experienced the most peace that I have felt in a long time when attending the retreat! Thank you for provide such as safe and compassionate space!!” – HK

A weekend of kindness and acceptance

“The environment was beautiful and peaceful. The invitations were accessible and optional. There was no pressure. It was a weekend of kindness and acceptance and some much needed quiet, stillness, slowness, and reflection.” KL

Our Guides

Kimberly Knight (she/her) is a certified ANFT-certified nature therapy guide who holds an MDiv from Candler School of Theology. Her Wildwood Wisdom is informed by clinical pastoral care, a trauma-informed approach to holding space for others, and an eco-spirituality that weaves together Celtic, Christian, and universalist theologies.

She has facilitated online and in-person contemplative practices for over 20 years. In addition to OSN, this year you can find her guiding sessions at Harvard University’s Program for the Evolution of Spirituality, and at the Gathering for Adventure Therapy in Europe.


She currently lives in The Netherlands where she moved with her wife seven years ago.

Rachel Pinto (she/they) is a native Arkansan and a social entrepreneur who has started several small businesses in the mental health industry. Rachel holds a Master of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and is gifted in understanding and interacting with relationship dynamics in transformative ways. They identify as queer and non-binary, and, not coincidentally, a “recovering Southern Baptist.”

Prior to becoming a professional counselor and entrepreneur, Rachel worked in the fields of education, marketing, and church ministry. She lives in central Arkansas with her wife and two kids.

Farida Hamza has been teaching the art of being present for eight years. she is passionate about sharing the transformative power of yoga and is a firm believer that anyone can do yoga. She loves creating flow sequences that inspire joy and freedom.

She has been featured on the BBC for her piece on Islam and Yoga and on NPR to talk about teaching Visual Yoga to the Deaf or hard of hearing. She has also guest written for various yoga websites. She teaches Vinyasa Yoga, Structural Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Meditation. She received her 200 hour yoga training from Living Yoga Program in Austin, TX. Check out her blog:

Lori Carter (she/her) is an ANFT certified Nature and Forest Therapy guide who lives in Bentonville, AR. She has lived in Arkansas with her husband and children for many years after moving here from California.

Lori’s educational background also includes a BS degree in Therapeutic Recreation from Eastern Illinois University. As the owner of Interconnected Forest Therapy, Lori has a passion for providing a unique, safe and inclusive experience to individuals seeking to immerse themselves in the natural world. She regularly holds both group and individual Forest Therapy walks.

In her spare time you can find Lori hiking, spending time with friends and family or looking for new inspiration for her Forest Therapy practice.


Reed Balentine (he/they/she) is a Licensed Certified Social Worker and Registered Yoga Teacher, currently practicing psychotherapy in Little Rock, Arkansas at Empath PLC. Reed has specialized training in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and is currently working on three psychedelic research trials in Arkansas.

Reed is also an avid outdoorsperson who loves whitewater paddling, hiking, camping, and dancing in the woods. They are accompanied in these adventures by their spouse, Liz, who uses everything she learned in Girl Scouts to make sure Reed gets home safely!

Community Creative, LLC is led by the passionate duo of Jaimee Jensen-Loving and Kendi Jensen-Loving. Both hold Master’s degrees from the University of Limerick and bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their roles. Community Creative offers a variety of programs designed to make artistic exploration accessible to all. This includes offerings like drum circles, voice lessons, and more.

Empowering Marginalized Creators: The center places a special emphasis on providing resources and support to creators from marginalized communities, fostering a diverse and inclusive creative environment.

Jaimee Jensen-Loving is a certified Meditation Instructor through Living Life Limitlessly University.

Retreat Location

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