Call for contributors!


Dear LGBTQIA+ community, allies, and cherished friends,

We are thrilled to extend an open invitation for a few contributors to join and enhance the magic of the “Our Sacred Nature Retreat 2024.” Following the success of our previous gathering at Ferncliff Retreat Center, we are excited to announce that next year’s sanctuary will be held at the Vines Center, just outside of Little Rock, AR, from November 7-10, 2024.

🌟 About the Retreat: “Our Sacred Nature” is a weekend sanctuary that emerged as a refuge for LGBTQIA+ folx and our allies. In partnership with the natural world (of which we are an interdependent part), we create space for quiet introspection and spirited connections. Our retreat at Ferncliff was a celebration of voices, stories, and the eternal rhythms of the universe.

🍃 Calling Contributors: We believe that the richness of our retreat lies in the diverse voices and talents of our community. If you are passionate about creating a safe and nurturing space for queer folx and our allies, we invite you to consider contributing your talents to make the Our Sacred Nature Retreat 2024 even more extraordinary.

Why Our Sacred Nature?

For Queer folx who are navigating a world that all too often dismisses, marginalizes or violently abhors our identities, nature offers unconditional welcome, emboldening our hearts to rewild our spirits in a way that defies the limitations imposed by the domesticated world.

The forest is a sanctuary where the Ultimate whispers their truth through the rustling leaves and the dance of sunlight upon still waters. In this sacred space, the boundaries of gender and identity dissolve into the boundless expanse of the natural world, inviting us to embrace our authentic selves.


🌈  Retreat Theme: Spiritual Rewilding

🌺 Contributor Opportunities:

Workshop Facilitators: Share your expertise in areas like mindfulness, self-expression, nature therapy, or any topic that aligns with our retreat’s spirit and theme.

Guided Activity Leaders: Lead forest bathing, gentle yoga, sound baths, foraging, wild crafts, or any activity that promotes well-being and connection to self, others and the Great Mystery ina nd through nature.

Storytellers: Contribute to our communal fireside conversations by sharing your story, insights, or experiences.

Artists and Performers: Infuse the retreat with your creative energy through art installations, performances, or any form of expression that adds to the vibrancy of our gathering.

💖 How to Contribute: If you feel called to contribute to the Our Sacred Nature Retreat 2024, please use the form below to share a brief description of your proposed contribution, your background/calling, and your connection to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Let’s weave a tapestry of love, acceptance, and celebration together.